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How to do remedy of Kaalsarp Yoga?

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If you are feeling above disturbances in ur life then u have to do some remedies to get relief. The most important remedy is "kaal Sarp Yog shanti Yagya anushtan” because the yagya is the only way to reach God. Kaal Sarp is a dosh in your horoscope, so remove your dosh yagya is important . Yagya is a swroop of lord shiva called the lord of yagya bhootnaath”.

  1. You do must everyday chanting of rahu mantra and ketu mantra min 108 times.these are mantra rahu planet “OM RANG RAHVE NAMHA” AND the ketu mantra is “OM KEANG KEATVE NAMHA”
  2. MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday and Wednesday two hours after sunset, especially during major or minor Rahu periods u have to do burn white sandal powder in a copper plate. Take 1 tea spoon sandal powder in that plate and burn match stick touch that match stick with sandal powder and speech mantra "OM RANG RAHVE NAMHA" recite 21 time until the stick will burn. Remember Burn sandal powder with only one sticks not two or three. If powder is not burn then not worry try again next day but not same day and same powder. Next day take new one spoon powder and old powder of plate through out in any pot and u can give to also get Rahu maharaja grace sandel perfume sidh kaal sarp yantra.everyday evening time.when u do workship of “ Rahu maharaaj”then chanting rahu astooara shat nama

If there is Kalsarpa Yog in the Horoscope one has to perform Nagdosh nivaran pooja so as to keep away from the melific effect of Rahu. This Nagdosh pooja is usually performed on Wednesday and on Monday

 3.   If u want to remove of kaalsarpyoga bad effect in ur whole life then u do must on of the most important worship by sadhak of Shridusmahavidhya (Maa Dhoomavati and Maa chhinmasta yagya ansushatan by chanting of mantra min 1,25000 times by sadhak and everyday mantras chanting 10th part do yagya ansutan after then complete process last day u have to do purnaya ahute yagya anshutan with sadhak.when complete above process yagya anshutan u wore on ur neck kaalsarpyog mukti kavch with sidh rudkrsha kavach because MAA DHOOMAVATI IS a lord mother of “RAHU MAHARAAJ PLANETS” and MAA CHINNMASTA is a lord of “KETU PLANETS” due this remove to ur “KAALSARPYOGA” very beneficial and important’s of “MAA DHOOMAVATI” and “MAA CHINNMASTA” yagya ansutan instead of rahu and ketu worship or yagya anshutan..mahavidhya is a supream power and adhishakti mahavidhya and completely controlling on “RAHU AND KETU”.so every person without any fear rahu and ketu planets or kaalsarpyoga must to do mahavidhya shakti worship and she do all right those person who do her worship and give him security in whole life .ending I told u one of most important and true fact about “KAALSARPYOGA” that withoutany complete remedy (yagya anushtan of rahu ketu) u get never relief in ur whole life.and when do kaalsarpyoga shanty by tantra sadhak the uget surley relief instead of any pandit,so first u search tantra sadhak of rahu ketu planets after then u decide to do kaal sarpyoga shanti yagya anushtan with chanting mantra.it’s shanti process complete 18 days not a one days.everyday sadhak do chanting of mantra after chanting yagya poojen everyday then after 18 days when will be come 19 days then do purna ahute yagya ,after then yagya poojen complete u wore on ur neck sidh kaal sarp mukti kavach and u get sidh kaalsarp yantra.i told u same process above.before chanting mantra u give me sankalpa (means right ot do ur mantra chanting and worship of rahu and ketu planets) then I started ur worship of kaal sarp yoga.



Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand Sarawswati ji Maharaaj sadhak of Maha Kali and Maa Baglamukhi



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