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What is Guru Chandal Yoga?




This yoga is formed when Jupiter is in conjunction with or is aspected by Rahu or Ketu The native is prone to act immorally and perform many misdeeds. However the results are not as frightening as they are made out to be. Different results are obtained for the combination in different houses however if benefic planets are present with this combination or this combination is aspected by benefic planets the results are auspicious as the inauspiciousness decreases.
In different houses this combination gives different results as follows
1. If Rahu and Jupiter combine in 8th house, the native suffers from colic pains or he may suffer from the injuries near the naval. These injuries are likely to give life long scars.
2. If Rahu and Jupiter combine in 9th house and Saturn is in the 3rd house (with Ketu), the native may be an illegitimate child.
3. If Jupiter is in the 10th house, Rahu is in the 6th house and Venus is in the 2nd house, the native becomes very wealthy even after being born in an ordinary family.
4. If there is a benefic aspect on the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu (or Ketu), the native is inclined towards religion and respects religious people.
5. If Jupiter and Rahu are conjunct in the fourth house and there is a benefic aspect on them, the person is very religious wealthy and may be a lawyer.
6. if there is an auspicious sign in the ascendant (I think it means the sign of a naturally benefic planet) and the moon is also posited in an auspicious sign and the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu takes place in 5th or 9th house, the native is very learned, wealthy, progressive and respected person.
7. In Capricorn ascendant, if Jupiter and Rahu combine in the 9th house the native is a very rich person. He is much respected and has all the facilities at his disposal.
8. Jupiter Rahu combination in the 3rd house makes the person very courageous and if this combination is aspected by Mars, the courage knows no bounds.
9. Jupiter Rahu (or Ketu) combination in the 6th house and aspect of Mars on it, makes the person extremely critical of his own religion. In fact he criticizes the wrong in his religion.
On the whole this is not considered a good yoga. The person may have some sort of enmity towards his son. I have come across a number of charts with this combination; it is my personal observation that these people have a peculiar way of thinking. They have their own views about various things (in fact about almost everything under the sun), which may not be correct but the natives are very rigid about them. Simply put in Hindi the native hamesha ulta sochta hai.


10. when create this Guru Chandal yoga on horoscope any person then he face many problem in his life like that’s mental problem, wealth and health effective, it’s depend on where is house create yoga in horoscope .example that when the create on Horoscope  10th  house then he person face many problem is service ,his respect effected ,who’s person doing any works but not getting complete success his father health and wealth is also effected so guru chandal yog is effected education and children problem his person wife and friends give him deceive many times his whole life .when is create 5th  house and 4th  house create then mother will be effected of evil effect health and mental depress, gives many health problem, whole life it’s give evil effect those person who is born guru Chandal yoga.



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